Baalyam SkillsWave focusses on the complete development of you child - taking into account all the parameters of congnitive, emotional and motor faculties of your child. Below are the skills which we foster in your child, as part of Baalyam's curriculum.

Cognitive Skills:
Attention and Memory, Logic and Reasoning, Auditory Processing, Visual Processing  
Gross Motor Skills:
Running, Balancing, Climbing, Hopping, Ball play, Batting  
Fine Motor Skills:
Drawing, Painting, Coloring, Jig-saw Puzzles, Blocks, Play dough, Threading  
Language & Speech Skills:
Verbal Skills, Vocabulary, Grammatical Skills & Sound Recognition, Tonal Variation Skills, Pronunciation Skills  
Social Skills:
Inter-personal Skills, Social/Group Skills  
Emotional Skills:
Self-Control Skills, Self-Expression Skills, Behavioral Skills