Our Leadership

Smt. A Sashya (Principal)

An unsurpassed zeal to educate children is what defines Sashya. She shares a deep commitment to education and deeply appreciates the profound impact that the right kind of education can have on a child's future. Sashya's detail-oriented, practical hands-on approach makes her an able administrator, while her ability to understand and reconcile the learning needs of the child with the expectations of the parents makes her an ideal interlocutor that enables the child's continued learning at school and home as well.

Sashya holds a Masters degree in Business Administration from Osmania University, INDIA.

Smt. A Suvarna Rao (Chief Advisor)

With over 30 years of experience in the teaching field, Smt. Suvarna Rao, brings distilled knowledge and penetrating insights into educating children that can only be gathered over an unparalleled teaching experience. She serves as a role-model and a well-spring of uncommon wisdom and common sense, while constantly guiding the school towards continued excellence.